Common Roofing Questions

No. Unfortunately, there are some things tar just can’t fix. This damage was discovered after removing 3 layers of roofing, to then find that no step flashing was added where the roof and siding meet- Add an additional 2 layers of roofing to that problem and you’ve got yourself a massive headache to deal with.

Faulty Roofing Examples

No flashing or water-proofing was added to this section of the roof.

This is section of roofing is called a valley. These areas are typically where you will find sitting water and/or snow to pile up. These compromised areas require special attention and the expertise of a professional roofer that knows exactly how to combat these potential leaks.

Adding Tar

No step or counter flashing.

Here’s an example of what just adding tar looks like. There is no step or counter flashing on this chimney, just tar to fill a1″ void between the shingle and brick. Sad!


Tar Applications

Years of Failed Tar Applications.

This is years of tar applications, some kind of mesh-paper, and countless attempts at stopping a leak with silicone. Sometimes adding multiple layers of solvent will actually do the opposite of what was intended. Water now has no escape route and will more than likely start to pool up where it shouldn’t.


Emergency Roof Repair on Long Island

When your roof gets damaged, you need reliable roofing professionals on site immediately! ReadyRoof provides speedy, effective roof repairs for damage caused by storms, hail, high winds, and more.

Roofing Repairs

Roofing emergencies are always tough to deal with, but by understanding what causes roofing emergencies, you can watch out for the signs and be prepared. The best way to prevent emergency roof damage is with proper roof maintenance and fixing minor repairs before they grow into a bigger problem.

Roofing Emergency?

Even with proper maintenance, roofing emergencies are still possible.

Many different factors can affect your home causing roofing damage. From Tree limbs falling onto roof and strong wind ripping off shingles or roof decking to Ice buildup in roof valleys and ice dams in your gutters. Whatever the emergency might be we are here to help!

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