Common Roofing Questions

No. Unfortunately, there are some things tar just can’t fix. This damage was discovered after removing 3 layers of roofing, to then find that no step flashing was added where the roof and siding meet- Add an additional 2 layers of roofing to that problem and you’ve got yourself a massive headache to deal with.

Faulty Roofing Examples

No flashing or water-proofing was added to this section of the roof.

This is section of roofing is called a valley. These areas are typically where you will find sitting water and/or snow to pile up. These compromised areas require special attention and the expertise of a professional roofer that knows exactly how to combat these potential leaks.

Roofing Contractor | No flashing or water proofing roofing issue

Adding Tar

No step or counter flashing.

Here’s an example of what just adding tar looks like. There is no step or counter flashing on this chimney, just tar to fill a1″ void between the shingle and brick. Sad!


Tar Applications

Years of Failed Tar Applications.

This is years of tar applications, some kind of mesh-paper, and countless attempts at stopping a leak with silicone. Sometimes adding multiple layers of solvent will actually do the opposite of what was intended. Water now has no escape route and will more than likely start to pool up where it shouldn’t.


Emergency Roof Repair on Long Island

When your roof gets damaged, you need reliable roofing professionals on site immediately! ReadyRoof provides speedy, effective roof repairs for damage caused by storms, hail, high winds, and more.

Roofing Repairs

Roofing emergencies are always tough to deal with, but by understanding what causes roofing emergencies, you can watch out for the signs and be prepared. The best way to prevent emergency roof damage is with proper roof maintenance and fixing minor repairs before they grow into a bigger problem.

Roofing Contractor | Roofing Damage 1

Roofing Emergency?

Even with proper maintenance, roofing emergencies are still possible.

Many different factors can affect your home causing roofing damage. From Tree limbs falling onto roof and strong wind ripping off shingles or roof decking to Ice buildup in roof valleys and ice dams in your gutters. Whatever the emergency might be we are here to help!

Roofing Contractor | Roofing Damage V3

Ready Roof’s Simple 6-Part system:

You’ve found Ready Roof and you’re interested in the process. Great! Allow us to demonstrate the easiest experience a contractor could give a customer. If you’re in the market for a new roof or roof repair, here’s a simple step-by-step on what to expect from us.

1. Schedule a Free Inspection

Now, a lot of contractors seem to have a different definition of the word “free” when it comes to inspections.


You can either schedule an inspection by calling (631)766-5656 or you can simply fill out a form here on the website. You will always speak to a human being and you will get an answer immediately.

2. Initial Consultation

We believe first impressions are paramount. Our specialists will arrive on time, in good spirits, and will have the utmost respect for your home, property, questions and concerns. During this walk-through, we will determine the best solution for your problem. No two homes are identical so this requires the trained eye of a qualified professional. We work diligently with our customers to make sure, at this point, the general scope of work is understood. Homeowners will be made aware of any urgent matters they may have not been aware of.

3. Digital Quote

Next, we email a detailed quote that includes the exact scope of work, materials being used, and labor involved with your project all within 24 hours of the initial consultation. You should expect to hear from someone on our team shortly after that for a follow up. Upon request, a paper copy quote can be delivered for those who prefer a more traditional exchange.

In some instances, homeowners like to meet with us again to go over everything which we have absolutely no objections to. We want you to have confidence in being an educated buyer!

4. Project Scheduling

Along with the emailed proposal, you will have received a form for an electronic signature. When you’ve decided to move forward, simply sign the quote and we will put you on the schedule for the next available day on our calendar.

Yes! we will accommodate any request for day/dates for our customers. We understand
you may decide to take off work to be home during the project. That’s why we are beyond willing to work with you to find the right day to start the job.

Weather permitting! We can fix any roofing problem under the sun, but we can’t control the weather. Sometimes start dates cannot be set in stone when there is inclement weather in the forecast. We will never tear a roof off on a day with even a slight chance of heavy rain.

5. Reminder

We understand you’re busy. Your roof may not be the most pressing issue in your life, or maybe it is. Whatever the case, we want to maintain communication throughout this entire process so please expect a “reminder” email prior to the start date. We recommend a small punch list of items to make the project go as smoothly as possible. We will go over start times, when to move vehicles, and material deliveries.

6. Start Day and Completion

Finally the big day has arrived! For some this is a celebration. No more buckets under that skylight in the family room, no more algae-stained, moss-covered shingles, no more pulling into the driveway and saying, “I really need to call a roofer.”

For others – this is a very stressful day.

It’s no secret that home renovations can be a nightmare. There is a lot that can go wrong during a project of this scale.

“What if they destroy my Japanese Maple?”
“Will they move the wicker furniture set?”
“I hope they’re careful on the new patio”
“What happens if someone gets hurt?”

It’s okay to be either one of these homeowners. We will be there to celebrate your beautiful new roof with you AND we will be there to assure you that we are professionals and you’ve made the right decision by choosing Ready Roof.

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