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Replacing your roof is a large construction project that requires experienced professionals with the right training. Our highly skilled crews work to complete the process as quickly as possible and limit the disruption to your life.

We offer a free inspection for roof replacement on Long Island, so you can have yours assessed by a professional to determine if now is the right time for a new roof.

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Chimney Flashing is the most overlooked part of a roof. For homes with no fireplaces this is doubly true!

By Design, most chimneys are located towards the exterior of a home. If they were to leak, it's unlikely that you would ever see the damage unless you knew where to look.

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The safety and comfort of your family and employees are important, so having a roof you can rely on is essential. Ready Roof are professionals in installing high-quality new roofs and replacing roofs damaged through age or due to catastrophic events.

Occasionally, when a home or business has roof damage, they need more than roofing repair, Ready Roof will remove old roofing materials and replace it with the roof material of your choice.

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Some roofs are pitched too low for shingles, this is where a flat roof system can better protect your home.

With flat roofing, there are no nails, there are no screws, there are zero penetrations and avenues created for water infiltration.

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Varying aspects of your home’s roof line, pitch, overhang, fascia & valleys all need to be taken into consideration when a gutter installation is designed and performed on your home.

The Ready Roof team will evaluate your home and plan a gutter replacement or a brand new gutter installation that best fits your home's needs.

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Ready Roof isn't just a roofing company. We specialize in every aspect of home improvement and proudly serve both Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, New York.