Chimney Flashing

By Design, most chimneys are located towards the exterior of a home. If they were to leak, it’s unlikely that you would ever see the damage unless you knew where to look.

Roof flashing is installed at the intersecting parts of your roof where rooflines join. These sections are prone to damage and roof leaks because while roof shingles usually overlap, at these joints, there is a clear joint, leaving that thin line vulnerable to the elements.

Chimney Flashing Maintanence

Most homes have flashing installed during the building phase, but it deteriorates over time. Sometimes that is the cause of poor installation, other times it is simple wear and tear. Maintenance and early repair prevent roof leaks from occurring.

Inspecting your roof flashing is important if you suspect a problem. Obvious problems can be something as simple loose flashing visible from the driveway, or as blunt and unwelcome as a leaking ceiling.

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